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36" Refigerators and Carpenter Ants

This week we wrapped up the contemporary kitchen design and remodel on the turnagain arm. The clients were very pleased with solid cherry cabinets, linen textured tile, granite tops and glass accents.

We learned that the newer 36" wide refigerators are being stuffed so full of insualtion that the sides bow and you need to design with at least another 1/2 inch to accomodate them.

We also ran into the pantry door opening against the refigerator as it extends another 4" past the cabinets. The european cabinets give no allowance for clearance. We will add a chain stop inside so the door will stop just short of touching the refigerator door.

We also ran into two houses with carpenter ants that ate through the garage roofs. This is a good time of year to take care exterimination of the ants and repairing the damage they caused while they are still dormant.

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